The information are about the academic year 2012-2013.

The first level degree in Chemistry belongs to the class of degrees in Chemistry and it lasts three years.

The first level degree is organised in two curricula: a methodological and a technological one.

The academic year is divided into two semesters.

Here it is the list of exams.

I year

Courses Period Credits
Language course not defined 6
Mathematics I I Sem 8
General Chemistry and Laboratory I Sem 12
Physics I II Sem 8
Organic Chemistry I (mod.I) II Sem 8
Mathematics II II Sem 8

II year

Courses Period Credits
Physical Chemistry I I Sem 8
Analytical Chemistry I Sem 8
Inorganic Chemistry I II Sem 8
Physical Chemistry II and Laboratory II Sem 12
Organic Chemistry II II Sem 8
Physics II I Sem 8

III year

Courses Period Credits
Fondamental Unit Operation I Sem. 8
Organic Chemistry II and laboratory I Sem. 8
Elements of Biochemistry I Sem. 6
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry and laboratory II Sem. 8
Stage not defined 10

In addictiont, to the Methodological Curriculum:

I Year

Courses Period Credits
Organic Chemistry I (mod. II) II Sem. 4

III Year

Courses Period Credits
Inorganic chemistry II and laboratory II Sem. 8

and to the Tecnological one:

I year

Courses Period Credits
Business Administration and Controlling I Sem. 4

II Year

Courses Period Credits
Environment control and security I Sem. 5

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