First Level Degrees

The first level degrees are organized in three years.

Following the guidelines of the ministerial decrees concerning the autonomy of teaching methods given to the University in deciding the classification of the graduates (D.M. 3/11/99 and D.M. 4/8/00), the learning and professional practical ability of the student is measured in university training credits (cfu), that are credited to the student for each chosen activity. A single cfu counts for 25 hours activity including lessons, individual study, laboratory practice, placement on training courses and work experience. The credits corresponding to each training activity are acquired by the student upon passing exams or via other assessment depending on the nature of the activity.

In order to graduate, the student must gain at least 180 cfus over the three years.

Most degrees have a second level degree activated in our university for specialized studies.

For some degrees the student has a large variety of curricula to choose from for his study plan.
For each curriculum there are some obligatory exams. Students must complete their curriculum choosing the exams among those that are activated.