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Short explanation of the latest italian university reform

The academic year 2001/2002 has marked the beginning of a radical reform of the Italian University system. Before this, the basic university degree or "laurea" required a 4-5 years long degree course. As from 2001/2002 a different degree structure has been introduced. This includes a 3-year degree (the new "laurea" likened to a Bachelor Degree) followed by a further 2-year specialized degree (the "laurea magistrale" likened to a Master of Science). An additional research doctorate degree (PhD) is available for students who wish to become professional researchers and it lasts three years. Another key feature of the new system is the use of the ECTS credit scheme as a measure of the student workload.
Even after the full implementation of the reform, some differences with degree courses outside Italy will inevitably remain. This, however, should be the case more for the older Italian universities than for Milano-Bicocca University, where the new degree scheme has been taken into account since the university was created in 1998.

The educational offer

The following Degree Courses implement the ECTS scheme for LLP/ERASMUS students, for the academic year 2013/2014:

First Level Degree: Second Level Degree:
Biological Sciences Astrophysics and Space Physics
Biotechnologies Biology
Chemical Sciences and Technologies Chemical Sciences and Technologies
Computer Science Computer Science
Environmental Sciences and Technologies Geological Sciences and Technologies
Geological Sciences and Technologies Industrial Biotechnologies
Material Science Material Science
Mathematics Mathematics
Optics and Optometry Physics
Physics Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Landscape
Theory and Technology of Communication