Geological sciences and technologies

The information are about the academic year 2013-2014.

The second level degree in Geological Sciences and Technologies last two years; each academic year is divided into two semesters.

Here it is the list of exams.

I year

Courses Period Credits
Hydrogeology --- 8
Marine geomorphology I --- 6
Geological risk analysis --- 4
Geobiology I Sem. 8
Geology of sedimentary basins I Sem. 8
Geophysical prospecting I Sem. 8
Active tectonics and volcanotectonics I Sem. 6
Geodynamics and structural geology II Sem. 8
Applied geotechnical engineering II Sem. 6
Statistics II Sem. 6
Engineering geological survey and site investigation II Sem. 6
Oceanic and atmospheric physics II Sem. 6
Applied geobiology I II Sem. 6
Advanced stratigraphy and regional geology II Sem. 6
Geology of volcanic areas II Sem. 6
Mountain geomorphology II Sem. 6

II year

Courses Period Credits
Geocronology and archeometry --- 6
3D geomodelling --- 4
Marine geomorphology II --- 4
Advanced GIS analysis --- 4
Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology I Sem. 4
Slope stability lab I Sem. 4
Excavation and improvement of soils and rocks I Sem. 4
Applied geophysics II Sem. 4
Groundwater modelling lab II Sem. 4
Earth resources: industrial minerals and rocks II Sem. 6
Petrogenesis and geodynamis settings II Sem. 6

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