Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Landscape

The information are about the academic year 2013-2014.

The second level degree in Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Landscape belongs to the class of degrees in the Environmental and Nature sciences and technologies; it lasts two years each divided into two semesters.

Here it is the list of exams.

I year

Courses Period Credits
Environmental chemistry Year 12
Environmental law I Sem. 6
Environmental geology I Sem. 8
Environmental toxicology I Sem. 8
Environmental impact assessment II Sem. 8
Environmental and energy economics II Sem. 8

II year

+ 16 CFU from students' choice
+ 23 CFU from thesis work

+ 30 CFU from 5 courses, of which at least one attended during the first year, chosen among:

Courses Period Credits
Atmosphere physics I Sem. 6
Hydrogeology I Sem. 6
Chemometrics I Sem. 6
Ecotoxicology I Sem. 6
Groundwater pollution and remediation I Sem. 6
Environmental microbiology I Sem. 6
Landscape ecology I Sem. 6
Atmospheric chemistry I Sem. 6
Environmental physical chemistry I Sem. 6
Hydrogeological disaster managment I Sem. 6
Applied remote sensing I Sem. 6
Environmental acoustics I Sem. 6
Mathematical model of environmental systems I Sem. 6
Energetic systems I Sem. 6
Biodiversity and conservation II Sem. 6
Fresh water ecology II Sem. 6
Climate change II Sem. 6
Microbiology applied to bioremediation II Sem. 6
Low environmental processes II Sem. 6
Applied hydrogeology II Sem. 6
Waste, wastewater and contaminated sites management II Sem. 6
Quality, degradation and conservation of soils II Sem. 6

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