The city

With its four million inhabitants, the metropolitan area of Milano is the largest of Italy and one of the most densely populated in Europe. A student living in Milano therefore experiences both the benefits and disadvantages of living in a big city.

The city offers a good public transport system, comprehensive shopping opportunities and a wide range of entertainment and cultural activities.

Milano is the capital of Lombardy, the largest region of Italy. The region offers unique turistic opportunities, some of which should be affordable even by the low budget of LLP/ERASMUS students.

Beautiful mountains and lakes are just 50 km away from Milano. Most nearby historical towns are worth a visit; and why not take home some of the best cheeses, wines and fine foods that are produced locally following centuries-old traditions.

Milano is located at the heart of Northern Italy. Frequent, fast train connections are available to Bologna, Venice, Florence, Rome and all other destinations in Italy; Italian train ticket prices are often a pleasant surprise for foreign visitors.

Students coming from distant regions of Europe should appreciate that Milano has also good national and international flight connections from its two airports of Linate and Malpensa. This is not to say that LLP/ERASMUS students at our University are not expected to work hard on their homework; but surely they will have plenty to do in their free time.