The information are about the academic year 2013-2014.

The second level degree in Astrophysics belongs to the class of degrees in Physics and it lasts two years.

The master is organized in two years in which the students have to gain at least 120 CFU.

The academic year is divided into two semesters.

Here it is the list of exams.

I Year

Courses Period Credits
Stellar Astrophysics I sem 8
Relativistic astrophysics I sem 8
Extragalactic Astronomy I sem 6
Cosmology I II sem 6
Astronomical instruments II sem 6
Cosmic rays II sem 6
Cosmology II II sem 6

II Year

+ 12 CFU chosen preferably among:

Astrophysics lab I sem 12
Statistical data analysis II sem 6
Quantum field theory II sem 6
Radiation detectors I sem 6
Radioactive processes I sem 6
Mathematical methods for physics I sem 6

+ 3 CFU for further informatics and telematic skills

+ 53 CFU preparation of the final exam

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