Optics and Optometry

The first level degree in Optics and Optometry belongs to the class of degrees in sciences and physics technologies.

I year

Courses Period Credits
Language course not defined 3
Human and Ocular Histology and Anatomy I Sem. 8
Chemistry Year 12
Physics I Year 8
General and Ocular Physiology II Sem.- 8
Foundations of Mathematics I Year 8
Ophthalmic and Geometrical Optics and Laboratory Year 8
Ophthalmic optic System and Laboratory II Sem. 6

II year

Courses Period Credits
Physics II Year 8
Foundations of Mathematics II Year 8
Laboratory of Optics of Contactology Year 8
Laboratory of Physical Optometrical Techniques Year 8
General Contactology Optics Year 12
General Optometrical Physical Techniques Year 12
Foundations of Ocular Pathology I Sem. 4

III year

Courses Period Credits
Physics II and laboratory I Sem. 6
Interaction radiaction-matter I Sem. 6
Advanced optometry and laboratory I Sem. 8
Optical Instruments and their Historical Evolution I Sem. 6
Stage Year 13

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